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Buffalo Wright County Lawyer

Johnson, Larson & Peterson, P.A. provides comprehensive counsel to businesses and individuals in the areas of business law, criminal defense, personal injury, family law, real estate law, and a number of other areas.

Since 1905, our Buffalo, Minnesota law office has provided a wide range of legal services to clients in Wright County and throughout the Wright County, Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. We don’t just specialize in one area of the law, but multiple areas so that we can assist our clients in the multiple legal matters that may come about in their lifetime. We also assist businesses with lawsuits they may be facing, as well as ensuring that documentation, such as contracts, are legally sound so that litigation can be avoided.

Wills And Trusts Lawyer

And when it comes to wills and estates, it is best that an attorney be involved. An attorney can help you draft your will so that there are not any loopholes that could result in disputes amongst your family members after your death. You can also have your attorney set up your estate so that it is divided the way that you want it divided as per your will. You may also wish to opt for asset protection, arranging for the guardianship of your children, or you may wish to set up trusts.

Real Estate Attorney

Real estate matters sometimes require the assistance of an attorney. These matters can include foreclosures, Homeowners Association law, construction, property rights, mortgage law, property taxes, and a variety of other areas.

Family And Divorce Lawyer

Legal matters involving family are very difficult. They are more difficult than litigation involving non-family. We understand this and we take a sensitive approach to your case, while finding the best possible solution. The solution sought is one that is in your best interest and adheres to your wishes.

Family law matters can involve adoption, child custody, paternity, child support, spousal support, divorce, guardianship, juvenile law, and much more. These matters are handled with the utmost sensitivity, while also ensuring that the required aggressiveness is used to obtain the ideal result in the case.

Criminal Defense Attorney

We also handle criminal defense matters, such as DUI and DWI. DUI and DWI are very serious crimes that can result in high fines and time in jail. In addition, a person can have their car forfeited by the state, have their license suspended or revoked, and could have a felony conviction on their record if there are certain aggravating factors present at the time of arrest.

Many individuals feel that they need to submit to the charges, but there are times in which the charges can be reduced or dismissed. There may be details within your case that make the charges against you invalid.

Personal Injury Attorney

We are also experienced personal injury attorneys, helping individuals claim what is rightfully theirs in the way of compensation for injuries. This compensation can include punitive damages, medical expenses, lost income, childcare costs, and much more. What compensation is sought depends upon the exact expenses that have been incurred because of the accident and what future financial damage will be done as a result.

When you need an attorney to handle your case, you need one with experience. You need competency, whether you are ending a marriage or starting a business. To find out how we can help you in your particular legal matter, call us at 763-682-4550 for an initial consultation.


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